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The CRUSH-EASE(TM) Hat Story:

   Although, the Crush-ease(TM) is the brain-child of the Scott and Stuckman Hat Company, it was their many customers who get the credit for the purpose of such a hat. After complaining about of the prices of air-flight fees for hatboxes, customers discussed their frustrations with "Scott" (of SSH) and with the help of God he invented the Crush-ease(TM). 

    The Crush-ease(TM) is not a patented style, but a patented construction of hat that covers many different styles. Not only is the hat beautiful in style and design, but also serves as a low-maintenance, travel-friendly, high-fashion hat. Other features includes its pliability, allowing one style to transform into other styles, and also the light-weight property has been praised by many of its customers as one of the most comfortable hat they ever worn.

    At the writing of the flyer below SSH held over 100 styles of the hat, however, as of 2017, there are an estimated 1000+ styles that have been derived to date. 

To find out more about Crush-Ease Hat, please click on the link below:

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