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Covered Hats

Please call 973-220-3146 to inquire of custom orders.

Cat. No.: CV011-146

Desc.: laced crown, colored and aurum rhinstn.

Colors:blue/gold, rust/gold amethyst/gold, gold/gold

Price: $300

Cat. No.: CV080-132

Desc.: gold laced crown cap

Colors: assorted base colors

Price: $350

Cat. No.: CV030-110

Desc. : lace crown cap with rhinstn.

Colors: assorted colors

Price: $ 250

Cat. No.: CV030-813

Desc.: austrian stoned border, floral fabric top

Colors: assorted colors

Price: $410

Cat. No.: CV080-357a

Desc.: satin covered crown w. black rhinstn trim

Colors: assorted satin colors

Price: $350

Cat. No.: CV082-059a

Desc.: laced cone-crown, rhinestn encrusted, rhinstn bells w. hanging veil

Colors: assorted

Price: $475

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