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About Us

In 1991, Scott, who had begin designing hats as a child, requested the guidance of Mrs. Stuckman to make hats, after attending one of her hat shows. She very patiently showed him the basics of hatmaking in her home. It was then in 1993, Scott decided to start a company, asking his mentor, Mrs. Stuckman, to join him as a partner. She agreed. The two would design and make hats for approximately 2 years. Mrs. Stuckman because of time constraints could no longer continue as a partner, but agreed to continue to be a mentor to Scott, which she is to this day. Leaving Scott with the charge,"...take it as far as you can go!"  

        Scott, a devout Christian, relied on prayer and his faith to accomplish growth for the next several years. Most of his customers being of the church was instrumental to the development of his designing technique. He began to be sought out for his unique designs and his ability cater to his customers varied requests. Scott would reluctantly expand, doing only custom-made work for select group of customers, citing that he wanted the closeness of the one-on-one patron-client relationship. However, as information of his talents spread through word-of-mouth, his work was sought out more frequently.

        Finally, in 2007, after being strained with time and energy, Scott prayerfully opened the factory for the Scott and Stuckman Hats of New York. The SSH Co., since that time, has been committed to turning out not only beautiful, but also high quality designs that will keep the customer coming back!

       It was in the new factory, where the amazing CRUSH-EASE™ crushable high fashion hat, was invented. This invention was newly awarded a U.S. Patent January 2014. 

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